Peg Hook_1

Peg Hook

Sizes: 6” -12”
Description: Hook designed for Slat Wall and Peg Boards

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Workman Gloves_2

Workman Gloves

Description: Soft and Leather Gloves. Welding Gloves

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Polyurethane Plugs_1

Polyurethane Plugs

Size as Shown: Varying Sizes
Description: To prevent surface scratching.

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Chop-Saw Discs OR Cutting Discs_1

Chop-Saw Discs OR Cutting Discs

Size as Shown: 14” Diameter
Description: Metal Cutting Application

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Castor Wheel

Castor Wheel

Size as Shown: 2 inches – 8 inches
Description: Polyurethane wheels. Available with and without brakes

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